LAB COAT (UNISEX-Worn as well by women)

  • Knee length 41"

  • Reinforced side slits

  • Snap front closure

  • Adjustable snaps at wrists

  • 3 patch pockets

  • Sizes: XS-XL, 2XL, 3XL

  • Color: WHITE - P/N: 463

Summary of MicroStat Labcoats family:  (All available from Bomir Inc., www.bomir.com)

Ordering guide: Part # Description
424 (all sizes) Unisex short coat, white
425 (all sizes) Unisex short coat, silica blue
6101 (all sizes) Unisex short coat, royal blue
463 (all sizes) Unisex lab coat, white
473 (all sizes) Unisex lab coat, silica blue
474 (all sizes) Unisex skimmer coat, silica blue
3430 (all sizes) Unisex Lab Jacket, blue
3431 (all sizes) Unisex Lab Jacket, Navy
3432 (all sizes) Unisex Lab Jacket, Royal
3433 (all sizes) Unisex Lab Jacket, white



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